Celebrating 25 Years (01-01-2015) of Bringing the Magic of the Arts to our Youth
Building the Future of OCCT/OCCCA we need your help!

     When the theatre began back in 1990 we had always had the dream of building a permanent facility to house office, classrooms, and studios for our staff, students, and directors.  The goal was to build the- "Oregon Coast Children's Center for the Arts",  in a permanent facility owned and operated by our organization and dedicated in keeping alive the arts for all youth in our state and region.

    In 2004 we moved operations to Lincoln County, but still have directors in both Tillamook and Lincoln County along with our warehouse space in Tillamook Couty.  In 2008 we closed our main street facility in Toledo due to funding issues in the height of the recession.  We operated out of a warehouse space in Newport for 5 years the in 2012 we had the opportunity to move into a suite in the Olalla Center for Youth and Families in the old Mary Harrison Elementart School in Toledo.  The center is also a community center for the Flowerree Community Center housed in one part of the building.  Our new youth art center has operated out of the business side of the old school in Suite 3 since that time.  In December of 2014 we dedicated our second largest community art project- "Watch us Grow" an over 80' long mosaic and painted mural on one side of the old school facing the parking lot.  Over 250 community volunteers and students worked on the mural which was done over the course of a year in 2014.  The project was started to garner community support, involve local community, youth and families, an solicit business support  and partron donations in imprivement if the facility.

  The project gained over $12,000.00 in in-kind donations of donated tile and stained glass, these dontations were not only used in the mural but will be used on art projects in other communities for years to come.  Local patrons, business, and foundations also supported and sponsored each of the mosaic flowers in the mural with donations of from $25.00 ot $1,000.00 and over $3,000.00 was raised in this manner to support the art mural and operations at the youth art center.

  The youth art center is our new home and base of operations and we use it to reach out to rural and underserved communites throughout Oregon and the Pacific N.W.  Our home base gives us the opportunity to bring our unique education programs to our youth with state wide touring of artists in residency programs, assembly programs and workshops.  (Prease see current touring programs on this website for a list of our programs).  We have averaged reaching over 15,000 youth each school year since 1995 but need your help to continue our mission. 

We need your help!

  Outreach is always based on funding support, our directors and staff tries to do all that they can, and donate many hours of work to reaching students and doing reduced cost or free programs to schools, libraries, and communuty groups.  We connot do this work alone- we can always use cash donations & donations of art supplies.

  We have been without a touring van for 3 years, but recently purchased a station wagon for small workshops, we contunue to rent large vans when we do big programs but use our station wagon for workshops and day to day operations.

  Our wish list- We would like the dontation of a small RV (a truck size camper) van as accommodations when touring is always one of our largest expenses; and often schools and community goups can not always house us in a local hotel. or a room by a parent ir teacher or a local campground.

  Every year we try to raise funds to offer free and reduced cost prograns to schools, libraries and community groups, any sponsorship or donation, is appreciated.

Please help us keep alive the arts for the youth or Oregon and the Pacific N.W. Donations can be sent too-

OCCT P.O. Box 538 Toledo, Oregon 97391 or email theatre directors @

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