The Arts in Education Programs
Tour Theatrical Performances, Artist in residency Programs and help schools & other Organizations build permanent works of art for their facility and community.

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The “Arts in Education Programs” of OCCT are the primary outreach projects of our Organization.  As of the spring of 2015 we estimate we will have reached over half a million youth and patrons with theatrical performances, artist in residency programs, workshops, and projects which help schools and other organizations build permanent works of art.  The current active touring programs being offered at present are-
"World Life" & "world Life Experience"
WL- is our newest week long artist in residency program blending the performing arts with natural science education.  WL- explores the temperate and tropical rean forest, the open plains, the deep ocean, & the polar ecosystems.  Studends work with over 250 puppets, props and special effects to present a pageant at the end of the weeil of insturction.  Instruction is also given in natural & environmental science and students walk away with knowledge of issues such as glogal warming & endangered speices.

"World Life Experience" is a smaller version of its bigger brother showcasing 1-2 scenes from this original production premiered in 2013.  World Life replaces SEA-ART who in its 19 year history worked with over 55,000 students and was seen by over 256,000 patrons and parents..

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