Part of the permanent repertoire of OCCT it premiered in 1995, & toured all over the Western United States and Europe.  The show began touring again in 2005 and deals with the Coastal Legends of the Native People of North America.  “Raven” uses puppets, masked performers & special effects to tell the legends of  Raven, Thunderbird, and Tsnoqua (the timber giant) also known as Sasquatch or Big Foot.

                       “Raven” was originally supported by a support grant from the Spirit Mountain Community Fund.
Support for the Creation of  “Legends of the Ancestors” was made possible by support from Spirit Mountain Community Fund.
Part of the permanent repertoire of OCCT it premiered in 2002 supported by a grant from the
Spirit Mountain Community Fund.  This magical production uses Multimedia, Giant Puppets, & Masked Performers to tell the stories of the Ancient Ones like the Anasazi, Navajo, Hopi & other Southwestern peoples.  The stories also travel to Mexico & South America to tell the tales of the Aztec, Maya, & Inca.  The stories explore the interconnections between these ancient people, something that only within the last decade have historians come to understand.
Legends of the Ancestors
Which premiered in 2003 is continuing it’s touring to Northwest School in the 2004-2005 season. This artist in Residency Program took 3 years to produce and make the some 150 puppets, 50 costumes & masks that appear in the show.  The show is a week long residency program that introduces children & families to the wonderful world of “World Carnival Celebrations”- from the Original Carnival of Venice, the Mardi Gras of New Orleans & the Big Party that is the Rio Carnival

  Support for the Creation of “Carnival” was made from- The Ford Foundation, The Autzen Foundation, The Herbert A. Templeton Foundation, The PGE Foundation, The Puffin Foundation LTD, The Share it Now Foundation & Trust Management Services of Oregon & over 100 Artists from around the world.
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