Public Works of Art
IIn our over 25 year history we have helped build over 51 public works of art all over the Western United States for schools, museums, libraries, and communities. These are community based projects where students, parents, teachers, and community volunteers all come together to create a work of public art that can be enjoyed for generations to come. We strive to make the arts part of the “every day experience” for our youth. Our public works of art programs help youth understand the artistic proceed, from concept, design, application and completion. You will notice that many of our art works are done using mosaic and ceramic mediums. We use this medium as even students as young as 4 or 5 years of age can be trained to create in this medium. The projects also can use hundreds of students, and volunteers in the process. Our largest project to date was the “Centennial Celebration Mural” created for the City of Toledo, in our home based on historic photos of the town’s history. The mural is over 96 feet in length & over 18 feet in height making it the largest mosaic mural in the State of Oregon. The project worked with over 1,000 volunteers and has received State Wide Awards for achievements in volunteerism & community involvement.

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Front of Sculpture
Samantra Pacific Hospital - Newport, Oregon Completed July 2015 "Center for Health Education" Sculpture Garden front entrance.
Back side of sculpture has a Pacific Bonito" in glass & stainless steel tile & a green rock fish in art deco tile from the 1930's & 40's made in the USA.  The New Center for Health Education is in the Art Deco District in Newport named after the Yaquina Bay Bridge Built in the 1930's.
Back side has back view of Giant Pacific Octupus.
Sculpture was done in Pebble Mosaic of Hasper Ager, Rose Quartz, Goldstone & Black River Rock.

Glass tile is fused, Art Deco Glass, Murano Glass & Vitrial Glass along with some stained glass as well.

Workshops started in the Winter of 2014 & ran through the Spring.
Work done by students, volunteers, hospital staff & families, OCCT/OCCCA staff, directors & contractors.

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