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Our Educational Art Organization is always looking for donations of goods or services, as in most years in-kind donations often exceed monetary donations from individuals.

Here is a list of supplies we use yearly in our educational programs.
Art supplies- paint (artist paints, please no house paint), glues, paper, & art and craft supplies.  We can often build a workshop on enough of one type of supply.  Ceramic Supplies- clay, glaze (low fire) tools, and we are looking for the donation of a small glass Kiln for glass fusing.  Puppetry workshops- Dowelling, & felt. Mural creation- art works and murals in mosaic- often uses tiles and marble, glass and porcelain tiles, please speak to Theatre/Art Center directors before any donation as some types of tiles we have already in quantity.

   The Theatre and Art Center continues to look for a donation of a small RV to use for touring programs.  As always monetary donations can be made support- “The Creation of Public Works of Art”, Educational Scholarships, Free performances for Schools and other organizations, OCCT/OCCCA tours to libraries, museums, art centers, festivals, city, county, and state facilities.  All donations are tax deductible; please speak to directors for further information. Checks or Money Orders can be sent too-
Oregon Coast Children’s Theatre & Youth Art Programs
P.O. Box 538 Toledo, Oregon 97391


The Oregon Coast Children's Theatre
P.O. Box 538 Toledo, Oregon 97391
Theatre Voice Mail 503-790-0952
Direct line for Theatre Directors 503-801-0603